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Recurring Donations
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Other Terms and Conditions

Donations are made with the understanding that The Church of the Living God, Full Gospel Ministries Inc. (CLGFGM) has complete control of the donated funds and discretion as to the use of the funds, so that the funds are used to carry out CLGFGM’s tax-exempt purposes and functions.

Once a donation is completed, the transaction is deemed final and indisputable, except under the following circumstances:

  1. Unauthorized or fraudulent use of a donor’s credit card is proven, per guidelines of his or her credit card company. In case of lost or stolen credit card, donors must notify their credit card company and comply with its reporting procedure.
  2. The local Church’s website and/or online donation system inadvertently does/causes something that will necessitate a refund. In such an event, you must, within ten (10) working days from the date on which you made the donation, notify CLGFGM via email (info@clgministries.com) or phone (301-559-8893) and request a refund.

In these circumstances, CLGFGM shall process your request for refund with the credit card company or bank within fifteen (15) working days of your notification.

By making a recurring donation, you authorize CLGFGM to charge your credit card automatically each month. You acknowledge that you have full authority to make this charge to this credit card and this authorization is to remain in full force and effect until:

  1. CLGFGM has received an online termination activated by yourself, two (2) business days before the next requested charge cycle OR
  2. You send an email to info@clgministries.com within ten (10) business days.

You understand that it may take up to fifteen (15) business days to process any email or written requests from time of receipt at CLGFGM, during this time your credit card may be charged.

You also agree to amend your information electronically online, if the card expires. Until these amendments are received your credit card will not be charged and may be rendered inactive.

If your donation is refused by your financial institution for any reason, including over-limit, closed account, insufficient funds, or unauthorized account, CLGFGM will not be able to process your donation and may freeze your recurring donation request until you submit updated information to CLGFGM.

You understand and agree that you will notify by email to info@clgministries.com or call (301-559-8893) within ten (10) business days if you think the donation has been incorrectly charged to your credit card. CLGFGM will correct, as soon as possible, any direct charges made in error, but you agree not to hold CLGFGM liable for any contingent expenses, related losses or further charges that result from the incorrect charge.

Any refund shall be limited to the original amount intended by the donor to give to the Church.

CLGFGM’s online donation system uses an advanced encryption technology provided by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a recognized authentication and encryption software, which means that the site encrypts all of your personal information and card details to make them unreadable to anyone outside of the transaction process.

Under no circumstance shall CLGFGM be liable for any claims, costs or damages (whether direct or consequential) arising as a result of your use of the online donation system or your inability to do so, your reliance on any content and/or services associated with the CLGFGM website, or any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

We do not sell or share billing information about you. We do not share your personal information outside of our associated ministries.

All amounts on the website are defaulted to US Dollar ($).

CLGFGM is not responsible for typographical errors and reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Online Donation/Giving System at any time without prior notice. Any change shall be effective once posted on the website.

All donations are made with the understanding that CLGFGM has complete control of the donated funds and discretion as to the use of the funds, so that the funds are used to carry out CLGFGM’s tax-exempt purposes and functions.